DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card HolderSince gift cards have been the most requested item on wish lists for the past 7 years (according to Gift Card Exchange Day), I figured I’d make a tutorial on how to make your own envelope/holder. The scrapbook paper you can find to make these is way more exciting than the ones that come with your gift cards. And you can personalize them however you want, which is always a perk.

gift card holder materialsThings You Will Need:
Gift Card
Scrapbook paper
Double-sided tape (not shown in picture)

gift card holder design

Step 1:
I would tell you to measure your gift card and make the above shape based on the dimensions, but then I would have to add a ruler to the materials list and I didn’t use a ruler. So, lay your gift card on the scrapbook paper and trace around it to create the shape above. Leave a little bit of extra space for folding. I used a water bottle to create the half circle.

If you don’t feel like making your own template you can always download one. There are a ton in the Google image search for “gift card envelope template”

folded piecesStep 2:
Cut out the shape so it looks like the above picture and fold where necessary. It helps to set the gift card where it belongs in the soon-to-be envelope and fold around it.

folded gift card holderStep 3:
Use your double sided tape to adhere the flaps. You should have an envelope that looks like the above.

DIY Gift Card HolderTah Daaah! A gift card holder that looks much cuter than store bought envelopes. You could even go a bit further and add the receiver’s name in the center.

Christmas themed gift card envelopeThen, do you know where you could put the gift card? In this adorable DIY holiday card! Its a DIY holiday!

Happy crafting 🙂

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