DIY Key Holder

DIY Key Holder


I cheated a little bit on this weeks DIY project. I didn’t really make the key holder, I just painted it. But I wanted a key holder, and this one was cute! Call me a nerd but I like the way the light hits it. Anyway, this was an easy one. So, for all of you who think you can’t craft (I promise you can), this one is for you.

I bought the key holder at Walmart, where you could also get the acrylic paint and a paint brush.


DIY Key Holder Materials


Things You Will Need:
Paint brush
Acrylic paint
Key holder


DIY Key Holder

Step 1:
I am somewhat anal about using paint. So, I just added a little bit to the paint brush and started working.


DIY Key HolderStep 2:
Don’t forget the inside edges and the back side of the wood text. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to paint the back, but I promise, if you don’t, some day when you take it off the wall, you will think eww, that looks bad.


DIY Key Holder


Step 3:
Let it dry. It won’t take more than a few minutes, since the paint is acrylic.


DIY Key Holder


That is a cute DIY key holder, don’t you think? It could probably use some polka dots or some other decorative element, now that I’m really looking at it… Thoughts? What would you put on it?

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