13 thoughts on “Frost On the Windshield

      • I know too well the look of snow/ice on the windshield of a car..I grew up in Buffalo, went to school in Oswego, and now live on Long Island. Some would say I’m a glutton for punishment. I’d say I’ve experienced the other end of the weather spectrum temp-wise and I’ll take the snow, thank you! 😀

      • I said that about 5 years ago, before we lived in Florida for about 4 years. The last year I wa pregnant during the summer, UUUUGGGHHHH! I’ll take layers now 😛

      • Haha, that sounds rough. I’ve never been pregnant but I’ve heard stories about hot flashes during and apparently they are pretty terrible. I wouldn’t blame you for taking the layers over the humidity in the case!

      • One cold weather story that’s pretty crazy is when I lived in Oswego (it’s literally on Lake Ontario, the US side). It was after we’d had a true Oswego winter (several feet of snow and cold). Then in early spring, we had a freezing rain storm overnight. We heard tree branches breaking and everything. Next morning, the streets were a wreck between the tree branches and downed power lines. To top it off, my car was encased in ice, and all my snow car gear was INSIDE my car. So I’m bundled up and hanging onto a slippery/icy column on our front porch, kicking my car free of the ice. Fun stuff… 😛

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