Mistaken Impression Sculptures: Tom Eckert

Mistaken Impressions Tom Eckert

Tom Eckert is an artist and professor who carves hyper-realistic, or mistaken impression, sculptures. He carves everyday objects such as books, cloth, shoes, and plates out of wood. Yes, all of these sculptures are made of wood! Amazing! The artist prefers woods like basswood, linden and limewood because they are all good for carving, good for painting on, and are stable. Tom uses traditional processes to carve, construct, laminate and paint the sculptures.

Tom recieved his M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) from Arizona State University and began teaching there shortly after. His work has been displayed in over 150 national and international exhibitions.

Mistaken Impressions Tom Eckert
Hyper-realistic sculptures
Tom Eckert sculptures
Tom Eckert artworkimpression sculptures by tom eckert
Wooden Illusion sculptures
creative sculptures
tom eckert wooden sculptures
wood sculptures by Tom Eckert
wood card and cloth sculpture

Images © Tom Eckert

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