The Amazing Moleskin Sketches and Doodles

hardback moleskin notebook

You’re familiar with the brand Moleskin, right? The one that makes those little hardback notebooks that you see in Barnes&Noble. I never really paid much attention to them. I buy their notebooks for sketching purposes, but beyond that, I never thought twice about it. It’s a notebook, that’s it.

Ohhh, I was sooo wrong. It turns out that Moleskin has a huge following of artists and designers. I found this massive group of artists on Twitter from looking through photos of people’s sketchbooks. Check out the awesome drawings in these notebooks! There are a ton, so don’t stop here. Head over to Twitter and type #moleskin in the search bar.

Car drawing

’59 Corvette drawing by Cole Derochie @colderoshay

doodle while in a meeting

Creature doodle by Christian Hammer @artisthammer


Sketches by jesse aclin @JesseAclin

creature doodles

Creature doodles by Tom Joyce @tomjoyce1

window drawing

Window drawing by JoMcCreadieDesign @JoMcCreadieD

Women painting by AG Ford @AGFordArt

Women painting by AG Ford @AGFordArt

These make me want to draw more… and I think I will do that. 🙂

Do you draw in a Moleskin book? I would love to see your drawings!

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Moleskin Sketches and Doodles

  1. Ha ha! I had to stop and read because my son will be in a movie called “The Moleskin Diary” and now I am aware of what a Moleskine book is where before I may have browsed over. Thanks for sharing!

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