Throwback Thursday: 3D Mock-Up

I don’t always participate in throwback Thursdays. In fact, I rarely do. But I was reflecting on some of my college design work and wanted to share my Ava Banks skincare line.

Ava Banks skincare line 3D renderThis design for a skincare line was inspired by chocolate packaging. You’ve seen it before, the stacked chocolate gift boxes that carries a design throughout the boxes. I wanted to do something like that with skincare because companies always tell you that you have to use their products together for it to be fully effective, or some junk like that. I thought this was the best way to tie it all together. So, I made up a company called Ava Banks, designed the packaging and made a 3D render of what I imagined the Ava Banks product line looking like.

I got a lot of criticism for this design because I always think of a more in depth design and this one was very simple. I look back at it now and remember my inspiration. I am happy that I’ve learned from it and can reflect positively.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: 3D Mock-Up

  1. That’s the best thgy and sometimes our creative work teaches us. Still, I like it and think its beautiful and beauty often lies in simplicity.

  2. Wow … you have great a talent … and eye for details and beauty. Really like this .. I’m a sucker for nice and beautiful packaging and wrapping. It have a little of Agent Provocateu’s design, which I love.

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