Going Home

When I was growing up, I lived in a very small town and I couldn’t wait to get out of it. 18 couldn’t come soon enough. But after I left I noticed something that I never had before. My hometown is beautiful. I suppose it took some miles between us to notice little things like that.

My family always liked to take “the scenic route” everywhere and I never understood why. I do now. Because cities aren’t scenic, they are man made and unfriendly, whereas the country is natural and inviting. Read the whole post

Amanda Salinas: Wannabe Photographer?

The sky above the clouds

Amanda Salinas has carried a camera around with her sense she was 15 years old. She realized a film camera really did limit her and she wanted to learn more. A few years ago she got her hands on a new EOS 60D Canon and she started seeing the world in a way she’s always hoped to see it. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband.

Amanda calls herself a wannabe photographer. I think not. Read the whole post

A New Perspective: Photography of David J. Lew

water plant- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

David J. Lew is a photographer. He was born in San Juan, Argentina, but currently resides in Tel Aviv.

David’s love for visual arts paired with his introversion naturally lead him to photography. Landscapes, nature and architecture are among his favorite subjects. He enjoys  photographing people, mostly when he doesn’t have to socially interact with the subject. Photography, as an outlet, allows David to express himself and the way he see the world.

I’ve always enjoyed his photography for the radiant, crisp appearance as well as the subject matter.

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The Storm

I have neglected my blog for the past few days. Yesterday was very interesting though.

This was a house down the street yesterday around 9am.

The basement caved in on both sides of this house nearby.

Storm cloud starting rolling in again around 6:30 pm.

And it got super dark…

Around 9 pm the sky cleared up and a rainbow came out. I don’t have pictures of that though.

It was a mess. But everything is cleaned up and all is well today. Read the whole post