East Coast

Sorry guys, no tutorial for Make Something Mondays. I promise there will be one for next Monday though.

Not that I don’t LOVE Make Something Mondays, but vacation is a wonderful thing. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their week!

5 thoughts on “East Coast

  1. I was hoping you were OBX’n. I live there. I could give you a locals fave on restaurants. If you like. And a few places to visit that are local attractions. Off the beaten path. Of course the beach is best. Unless you are visiting another coastal area of NC.

      • Yes I have! Not the OBX. It is down lower the coast toward Wilmington. But still the BEACH. You picked a hot week but a nice one. At least no rain and nice sunny days. Topsail has ALOT of beach area whereas the outer banks is losing ALOT of beach area.
        If you ever come to the Dare county/Outer Banks….let me know! I’ll help you out and help you find a great place and great food!
        Have a rest of a wonderful week!!
        And you should be seeing some HOT MEN down that way …a couple of military camps in the surrounding area…uh huh…😉
        Enjoy all the sights. All the sights…..

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