DIY Baby Name Letter Decor

DIY baby name letter decor

It’s always exciting when there’s a new baby in the family. I started these baby name letters for my soon-to-be baby cousin about a year ago. Something happened that I switched crafts and never finished it. I found the letters in my craft case the other day and decided to complete it. Amyah (pronounced uh-my-ah) is about 9 months old now, so I’m a little more than fashionably late.

The letters are really cute and take about an hour to make with drying time. If you really want to speed up the process, you can get out a hair dryer and go to town.

If you want to make your own baby name letters follow the tutorial below!

materials for DIY baby name letters

Things You Will Need

Acrylic paint
Sponge brush
Wooden letters
Round Paint brush

Step 1

Using your sponge brush, paint your letters a solid color. Let it dry.

As you can see in the image above, I’ve already painted my letters, so I am going to skip this step.

pink wooden letters with polka dots

Step 2

Get your round paint brush and dip the tip of it in the paint you want to use for your polka dots. Lightly dab the paint on the letters.

You polka dots aren’t going to be perfect, but that’s how I like them. It gives them character!

If you prefer perfect polka dots, get a pencil and dip the eraser in the paint and use that as your brush.

Let it dry.

decor letters

You should have something like the above image. If you want, you can add polka dots to the inner and outer edges. I like the contrast of the solid paint against the dots. Your call.

DIY baby name letter decor

The baby name letter decor is a great craft for gift giving or for your own baby. It would pair nicely with the DIY butterfly candle wrap decor, too.

You can staple a long ribbon to the letters and hang them vertically on the wall, glue the letters together and set them on the table or just leave the letters unjoined and place them on a shelf (where they’re less likely to get disturbed).

How would you display the letters? Would you have used different colors? I’d love to know what you think!

4 thoughts on “DIY Baby Name Letter Decor

  1. Cute idea! You could apply this to any word and do any color to match your decor… Now I just have to figure out what to spell out. This turned out very cute for a baby girl 🙂 Hope Amyah and her parents like it!

  2. Awe sweetie those are awesome! Angie will love them. Amyah will be better able to appreciate them once she is older so no worries about the time. Your momma loves you

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