DIY Bottle Cap Wreath

diy bottle cap wreath

As we sit here, me writing, you reading, I’m drinking beer. Most of the time, that beer comes in a bottle and I refuse to throw away those bottle caps. I figured I could use them for something. Lo and behold I found a purpose… I made a bottle cap wreath!

beer bottle caps

I have no idea how many it took to cover the form, but I do know it took about 1.75 pasta jars filled with caps. I counted the first row I glued on and there were 23. There are 5 rows, so I’ll guestimate around 115. However, I only covered the front half.

So, save your bottle caps and make something fun!

bottle cap wreath supplies

Bottle cap wreath supplies

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wreath painted black

Step 1: paint the wreath

Use the black paint to cover the wreath, front and back.

Let it dry.

Step 2: Glue on the first bottle cap layer

For the first layer, cover the front of the wreath by gluing on the bottle caps side by side. Make sure each is touching the one beside it.

Step 3: layer the bottle caps

Add a layer above and below your base row.

Then, add two more layers over top, covering up the space where you can see the black paint between each layer.

diy bottle cap wreath

Add a pretty bow and hang it up! You’re finished.

Grab a jar and upcycle those bottle caps so you can make fun craft projects like this one.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “DIY Bottle Cap Wreath

  1. hey …this is really cool idea .
    I tried for recycling of bottles You can check it

    but never thought of caps – will suurely try them next .
    Thanks for something new 🙂

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  3. Hi Megan,

    My friend and I are always looking for things to do with our bottle caps and I wanted to make her a wreath for Christmas! What did you use as your wreath base?

  4. Just wondering what part of the cap did you glue? Did you bend them to make them flat or glue the outside ring or maybe glue a base inside the cap to make something flush with the edge of the cap to glue? And officially longest sentence ever 😂😂

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