DIY Dad’s Stache Father’s Day Jar

DIY dad's stache jar
My dad’s birthday and Father’s Day are within 1 week of each other. Each year we usually go do something like whitewater rafting, but this year he said he just wanted to get dinner.

So, along with dinner, I made him a Dad’s stache jar and got a few gift cards I knew he would use. He’s a big car guy and he’s always working on a new car project, so I knew he would use the Auto Zone gift cards. He’s also a big reader so Amazon was a given.

Things You Will Need:
A jar
Paint pen

step 1
Using your paint pen, add your desired text and a fun mustache to the jar. If you’re concerned about the quality, you can print it out, tape it to the inside, and trace it.

step 2
Put some gift cards or cash in the jar, and don’t forget the Father’s Day card!

What did you give your dad for Father’s Day?

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