DIY Girly Baby Headband

DIY baby headbands

My cousin is going to be having a baby girl soon and I went to her baby shower yesterday. She had a craft table set up with stretchy handbands, felt, buttons, hot glue and other fun stuff so that each person there could make a headband for her new baby. (She’s crafty like that and I love it!) I thought this would make a great Make Something Mondays project for those of you who have little girls of your own or know someone who might be having one soon.

The results are so cute and they are so easy to make. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

DIY headband options

There were several DIY options available and she even made instructions to go with them. Sooooo you are going to get a few DIY projects today.

Baby Pom Pom Headband

diy pom pom


DIY baby pom pom headband

Step 1: Cut your felt to the size of the Pom Pom strip to the side of the paper.

Step 2: Fold the felt in half and glue it at the bottom.

Step 3:  Cut vertical strips into the folded edges of the felt.

Step 4: Roll the up and glue it as you go.

Glue it the headband and you’re done!

Baby Bow Headband

DIY felt bows


Step 1: Using the templates, cut the shapes in the felt.

Step 2: Glue the ends of the bow underneath.

Step 3: Glue the bow loop and bow base together

Step 4: Glue on the center of the bow.


Flowers With Buttons Headband

DIY flower headband


Step 1: Cut out your felt shapes using the templates. You will want a larger flower and a smaller flower.

Step 2: Layer the smaller flower on top of the larger one, add the button to the center and sew them to the headband.

This one is so cute!

Circular Flower Headband

DIY flower button headband


Step 1: Cut out 4 felt circles, each one a bit smaller than the last.

Step 2: Cut small slits in the edges of the flowers to represent the petals.

Step 3: Layer the flower circles from small to large and sew a button in the middle.

This was probably the easiest one to make.


I just loved this idea for a fun baby shower project. I’d love to know what you think!

Happy crafting!

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