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Pandora Look-Alike

DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Most women enjoy the Pandora bracelets. I like them also, but I am a rational human being and those beads are crazy expensive. That is not in my budget, nor will it ever be. My solution? I made my own, kind of. I found the materials at a hobby shop and was pretty apprehensive. I might be cheap, but I’m not stupid; I know that cheap jewelry tarnishes. No one likes that. I found out the that the beads are made of silver (not plated with silver) or glass.. The bracelet itself is also made of silver. The wonderful thing? I made the whole thing for $20. That sounds much better (to me) than the hundreds of dollars people pay to put together Pandora bracelets. No offense to you if you are one of those people. To each his own. Its just not my thing.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Things You Will Need:
Silver Beads
Glass Beads
Silver Bracelet


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something MondaysStep 1:

You can choose whatever type of bracelet you want, but I like the twist off edges because they eliminate the need to stopper beads.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Step 2:

Feed your bracelet through the beads in the order you like. I like to put the silver beads in between the glass beads to break it up a bit.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


There ya go, 15 minutes later you’ve got yourself a cute, and affordable, glass bead bracelet. This could be a good gift idea 🙂

Happy Monday!



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  3. I feel completely the same way. I think your bracelet is beautiful and want to do the same thing. Where did you get the beads and starter bracelet?

    • I got all of my supplies at Pat Catan’s. Depending on where you are located, your area might not have one. Michael’s Craft Store should carry all of the materials you will need though. If you make any, let me know how they turn out!

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