DIY Hot Chocolate Mason Jar Gifts

Hot chocolate mason jar Christmas gift

I found these caramel vanilla twist marshmallows today at the store and thought how awesome would these taste in hot chocolate?! I had to try it and I think it’s pretty good.

So for Christmas this year, I plan on giving some away to friends and family. Who doesn’t like hot chocolate, right? So, the best way to do this is by gifting it in Mason Jars.

I saw these really cute Christmas-themed jars and bought those too. In total, I think I spent $7 on all of it. (I bought more than what is pictured.).

materials for hot chocolate gift

Things You Will Need
Mason Jars
Hot chocolate power
Caramel Vanilla Mallow Bites

You can use the Swiss Miss hot chocolate or whatever brand you like. I enjoy the chocolate milk mix. I know, a little strange.

Hot chocolate

Step 1
Fill your Mason jars about half way with hot chocolate.

caramel vanilla mar mellow hot chocolate

Step 2
Add some marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate.

I could only fit 4 into my jars.

Mason jar gifts


Step 3
Tie some cute ribbon in a bow around the jars.

Hot chocolate mason jar Christmas gift


When you’re finished, you’ll have some really cute Christmas gifts that were affordable and easy to make. And everyone will love them, of course.

If you’re a chocolate fantastic, try making your own chocolate marshmallows.  You could also try peppermint or maybe even Kahlua! Let me know what you think!

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