DIY Soap Cloth


I think bath poofs, or whatever you want to call those, are pretty gross. I’ve used them for years but the more I think about them the less appealing they seem. I needed a new solution. I decided to make a pouch for my soap from a wash cloth. 🙂


Things You Will Need:
Wash cloth

Step 1:
Fold the wash cloth in half and place your string across the top.

Step 2:
Fold the top part of the wash cloth over the string and sew across. Flip the bottom part of the wash cloth up slightly (as you did with the top) and sew across as well. Leave some room This way, you can feed the string through this part later.

Step 3:
Fold the bottom of the washcloth up to the top. (Make sure the you are going to be sewing the inside of the wash cloth because we will be flipping it inside out later.) then, sew down both sides of the cloth.

Step 4:
Flip the wash cloth inside out and feed the string through what used to be the bottom half of the wash cloth. Pull the string so the top part scrunches and tie the string tightly.

Step 5:
Add In your soap and you are good to go!

Shower time!

4 thoughts on “DIY Soap Cloth

  1. that’s a neat idea… I use shower gel because having the seemingly never dry bar of soap sitting somewhere grosses me out, but this would take care of that. You never see the bar, and you can just hang it to dry and throw it in the wash.

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