Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether you love Valentine’s Day, or you hate it, it happens. So, if you are going to celebrate it, then it should be fun. If you want to do your own thing, that should be even more fun.

Get creative

  • Museums– What better way to get creative than to go to a museum on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe a science center?
  • Go geocaching– Take the evening to go treasure hunting. it builds teamwork!
  • Go for a hot-air balloon ride– Is there really a better date than to look down on the world from a massive balloon?
  • Adult arcades– Grab a good drink and check out the local arcade. Most don’t close til 2am…
  • Create street art– Go buy a bucket of sidewalk chalk and create some Valentine’s Day street art around your hometown. Spare us the boy + girl forever hearts…
  • Go rock climbing– Indoors, of course, because it’s too cold for that otherwise.
  • Make pottery– There are a lot a places that will let you bring your own alcohol to a pottery making class. Sometimes there aren’t even classes. You can go in and make your own pottery, the business will fire it for you, and you can pick it up later. It’s a good date idea!

Standard date ideas

Some people like tradition. For those of you who want ideas but don’t want to get too wild, I have a fun list for you too!

  • Go ice skating– It is still cold outside and it will be great for ice skating! How many times have you gone ice skating on a date?
  • Play video games– Seriously, playing video games is relaxing. Yes, even if you are playing Call of Duty. Playing games like this with your significant other builds better relationships. It’s not proven or anything, but I’m convinced.
  • A quick lunch– Forget dinner. Make a good meal the night before and steal your sweetie away from work for a quick lunch.
  • Make dinner together– Just because you don’t have anything planned doesn’t mean you can’t have a good night. Help him/her make an awesome dinner for both of you. Don’t forget the wine! Try playing Twister when you are finished. It will be a good laugh if nothing else.
  • A movie night– Go see a scary movie! Forget romantic comedies! Go watch a slasher film.

Even though the above suggestions could all be really fun, this is my favorite.

You should replay your first date! (assuming you didn’t just start dating.) I’m not saying that you should try to make it happen like it happened. I’m just saying that you should go on the same date that you planned for your first real date.

A everlasting date story (for inspiration)

On my first date with my boyfriend we played putt putt and went to get ice cream. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, on our way to the putt putt course he told me that his grandma made fun of him before he left because he told her that he was nervous to go out with me. (Awww!) And after we got ice cream, we sat in the parking lot talking for over an hour.

The best part? We went to Walmart after that because one of us had to pick something up. When we got back to the car he opened my door for me. I know some of you think that is just adorable. I hate it. (I have arms, I can open the door by myself.) I said something about not liking it and he said “please get in the car”. I said “no”. So, he picked me up, threw me into the passenger seat, shut and locked the door, and hit the panic button while running away from the car.

Hilarious! We’ve been dating for about 6 years now.

A date doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t overplan or go out of your way to make it expensive. Have fun. Enjoy it!

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