Thoughtful Tattoo Designs

I have always liked the look of tattoos. It usually doesn’t matter what is inked on someone’s body because I am likely to take an interest in it. Although, I prefer tattoos much more when they have some thought put into them. When you ask someone “why did you get this tattooed” and they say “I dunno”, I just raise my eyebrows. No offense to you if you have done this. I would just prefer something with meaning because then, you will enjoy the tattoo longer than you would if you just liked its appearance, and you have a story to tell someone else when they ask you about it. Mostly the first reason though.

Do i have tattoos? No, not yet. I’ve wanted them since I was a teenager but never had the guts to partake. Someday I will get one and document the process. Until then here are some tattoos with some thought put into them. 🙂 Enjoy!

I want to see your tattoos!

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