Anna Marine

I’ve been following Anna Marine (Czech Republic) on Deviant Art for a few years now. She is an inspiring artist! Her work is cartoony and dark and her inspiration comes from mysticism, gothic, folklore and others. All images were taking from her gallery on Deviant Art.

Anna is a professional illustrator and alt model. She was born and raised in Moscow and Prague. She’s been drawing since the childhood. Anna’s areas of creativity include mysticism, gothic style,folklore and others.
Anna’s professional career began in 2010, collaborating with Rusian publishing house AST (for which she’s creating covers for authors,C. Harris, P.Briggs, J.Rardin, K.Richardson, C.M. Green and others) and French publishers Editions-cauchemars.Since then she’s been working with various companies in Europe and USA promoting her art. In 2011 she released her iTunes app for iphone and ipad. She’s also had to opportunity to collaborate with Nightwish band, making a cartoon t-shirt design for them based on Imaginaerum album style.
Currently she is working as a designer with one of the biggest and oldest clothing brands – Spiral direct.
Check her out:

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