DIY Letter Decor

Michael’s has a ton of wooden letters. Some are finished and others are not. I decided to go with black letters that were already finished and an N in a different font that was unfinished. I decided to paint the N red and put it over my bed. It is pretty cute! However, now I wish I would’ve framed it but I didn’t have a frame on hand that would’ve looked right so that will come later.

*I swear my walls aren’t dirty… they are a light brown color and the lighting is bad 🙁

Things You Will Need:
wooden Letters

Step 1:

Pick an accent color and paint 2-3 coats of that color on the N. Let it dry between each coat.

Step 2:

Get some mini nails and mount your letters.

Adorable 🙂 I suggest you frame the letters though. Maybe paint the frame the color of the accent letter?

Happy crafting!

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