DIY Succulent Planter from Beer Cans

succulent planter diy

Succulents are the cutest plants ever! I especially enjoy them because they don’t need a deep root system. They can grow in the most unique of containers. For example, I used these old beer cans to make my own DIY succulent planters and I love them!

If you’re not a beer fan, you can make this upcycling project with soda cans, coconut water cans, or whatever can you have piling up in your recycle bin.

You only need a few supplies to make a Succulent Planter and I’ll bet you already have most of them. Grab the supply list below and let’s get started!

succulent planter supplies

Succulent Planter Supplies

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NOTE: In my beer cans I used sand and potting soil. I really should have used pebbles and succulent soil, so I linked to those above. I was just being lazy because when I ordered supplies they didn’t have what I wanted.

removing beer can lid with can opener

Step 1: Remove the beer can lid

Using your old-fashioned can opener, trim around the top of the can and remove the lid. Be careful though! If your can opener isn’t aligned perfectly, it might rip apart the side of the can. I did this on my first try, so go slow.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it the first time. These things can be difficult. Try going back and forth over the hard spots. If all else fails, very carefully use the X-acto knife to cut the remaining pieces. This aluminum is thin and sharp so be aware of your pressure and depth.

You might also want to consider drainage holes. I didn’t add them because my can curves up significantly on the bottom so most of the water will fall into a moat, so to speak. If yours is not like that, I highly recommend adding a few nail holes to the bottom of the can.

succulent soil in beer can container

Step 2: add the pebbles and soil

First, add about 2 inches of pebbles to your beer can. These are important for 2 reasons: drainage and weight (you don’t want your can to tip over.

Second, fill the rest of your can with soil.

beer can planters

Step 3: pot your succulent

Make a small hole in the soil for your succulent and plant it!

Depending on how dry your soil is, you might want to water it now as well.

diy succulent planter ideas

How cute are these!? I absolutely love them.

succulent planter diy

If you have a beer and plant lover in your life, these DIY succulent planters would be a great gift idea! Or you could have a craft night. That’s always fun.

I’d love to get your thoughts so leave them in the comments!

Happy crafting!

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