DIY Halloween Luminaries

Halloween crafts are my favorite ones! Mostly because I love the color black (don’t judge) and candles for their luminescence. So many of them include at least one of those things. Today, I’m combining them and making these cute DIY Halloween Luminaries!

This is a great craft to do on your own or with kids. You might want to cut everything out in advance if you’re doing this with the little ones though. It works well because assembling doesn’t take long so it will keep their attention.

I used black construction paper, but you could use orange to make it more pumpkin-like.

Okay, let’s get started!

DIY Halloween luminary supplies

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Step 1: cut construction paper into 4 pieces

With the construction paper positioned vertically, make a cut down the center.

Then, again down the center horizonally.

This will give you 4 pieces like in the image above.

Step 2: draw and cut out faces in your luminaries

Just like you might plan your pumpkin carvings, draw a face on your construction paper and use the X-acto knife to cut it out.

This is the fun part so get creative here! Look on Pinterest for pumpkin carving idea if you need inspiration.

Step 3: glue the long ends of the paper together

Using the Elmer’s glue stick, adhere the long ends of the construction paper. Hold them together for a few seconds to make sure they stay in place.

These will be large enough to fit around the tealight candle.

halloween luminaries diy

When you’re finished, switch on your tea light candles and light up those pumpkin faces!

These are perfect for in front of windows at night during the holiday month. I love the way they light up and command attention from a room (or a street).

I’d love to get your thoughts on my DIY Halloween Luminaries! Leave them in the comments.

Happy crafting!

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