Catching Up On My #inktober Drawings

I said I was going to contribute an ink drawing for each day of October for the #inktober challenge. Unfortunately, I got a late start so I’m trying to catch up.  Here are my drawings for the week.

The Steve Mcqueen and crows in the cemetery drawings were requested. The rest were all in my mind.

I have about 3 weeks left of this challenge, so if you have any ideas for me, leave a comment! I’m writing them all down.

If you’re already participating, I want to see your work! Find me on Twitter or Instagram and share it with me.

Octopus sketch for #inktober

Octopus for Octopus Day

#inktober drawing for inspiration

Inktober inspiration

Crows in the cemetery #inktober sketch

This was a request: Crows in the cemetery

Sunglasses drawing for #inktober

These are actually my sunglasses

Breast cancer awareness plus #inktober contribution

This is my contribution for Breast cancer awareness plus #inktober. Remember the people who have suffered and survived, and those who have only suffered.

Heart #inktober Sketch

Just a heart sketch

Steve Mcqueen #inktober drawing

This was a request: Steve Mcqueen in “the coolest photograph ever”.

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