Creative Coffee Cups

There are many of us who drink coffee every day. However, there are some days when coffee just isn’t good enough. I some distracting coffee mugs and wanted to share them. A few minutes of distraction can make you more productive, so why not?

Build-On Brick Coffee Mug (Think Geek, $20)

I could play with this cup for hours!


Octopus Creature Cup (Creature Cups, $15)

This one creeps me out a little bit but it is entertaining.


My Cuppa Coffee Mug (Gnr8, $25)

Perfect, a cup with pantones!


The Pessimist Coffee Mug (Despair, $7)

I would not call myself a pessimist, but i do enjoy this cup a lot.


2 Carat Cup (Amazon, $10)


Off / On Coffee Mug (MoMA Store, $26)


Morning Mug (Amazon, $16)


Don’t F***ing Procrastinate Mug (Good F***ing Design Advice, $16)

You should probably avoid taking this one to work. Although it is good advice, I don’t think your boss would appreciate it.


Dunk Mug (Dwell, $14)


12 thoughts on “Creative Coffee Cups

  1. love the pantone one … I really think it would help when others pour the milk and the lego one is just fun …. think I’d never get anything done though

    • Agreed 100% on the lego one. I would be so distracted that any accomplishment would be out of the question.

      I drink black coffee so the pantone one wouldn’t apply to my own cup but it definitely would be helpful for friends!

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