Creative Halloween Art and Costume Submissions

Its that time of year! Halloween 🙂 Which means that I am posting my followers’ artwork, photographs, and DIYs. Well, the ones that submit it to me anyway. Please make sure you check out the available blogs and social media accounts for the artists because they are awesome!

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for this post. I am excited to share ALL of these! It has been fun.

Topic Spill

I have been following Topic Spill since I started my blog about 2 years ago. This blog covers everything from football to beauty supplies. Check it out!

DIY Crown

Her first submission was a DIY crown for a Halloween costume. The final product is pretty sweet. Want to make it? She has a tutorial for it!

Prego DIY Shirt

Her second submission is another DIY for Halloween. If you are pregnant or know someone who is, you will like it. The stenciled DIY skeleton prego shirt. It is really cute and there is a tutorial for this one on her blog as well.



This one was sent to me by a grandmother in Wisconsin.

halloween-themed fabric trading cardPenny made this (one of several) Halloween-themed fabric trading cards. These cards are 2.5×3 .5″. What a cute idea for the holiday!



Yes, I spelled that right. Pronounced like Erica. Not ArEEka.

This girl has been one of my closest friends since freshman year of college. She works a corporate job (but she should definitely be a photographer).  “Corporate drone. 25. Fangirl of epic proportions.” says her twitter bio. The fangirl part is very true 😉 Follow her for fun updates.

pumpkin photography


Mickey Halloween pumpkin


Some great pumpkin photography. I am loving Mickey Mouse!


Marcus and Daughter

This one came to me from one of my coworkers, Marcus. He works the print angle of the marketing industry.

Kennywood sign costume


For those of you aren’t familiar with Kennywood, it is an amusement park in Pittsburgh, PA. This sign is everywhere in Pittsburgh.

It was so creative of his daughter to think of making the sign and, of course, the execution was awesome! They used cardboard, tape, and vinyl to make her Halloween costume. I am so glad to see that she isn’t following the herd.



I have recently started following Fozzie.m and I really enjoy the posts. On her about section she says the blog is about “Nature, humour, beauty, the weird and the wonderful. Animals, flowers, landscapes, Australian wildlife.”

scary tree


This tree is neat! I’ve never seen one like this. Apparently this tree is one of many trees with personality on their property. She calls it the “Fright Tree”. Good stuff, very eerie!


Thanks again to everyone who submitted! I hope you will submit next year as well!

Is anyone else surprised that no one submitted anything vampire/witch/zombie related? I am shocked!

5 thoughts on “Creative Halloween Art and Costume Submissions

  1. What creative pixies there are out there…thanks for posting my Fright Tree…no talent involved in this one just weird luck…funny no goblins ..I agree…perception of the day is varied I guess 🙂

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