Creative Wedding Invitations

Do you remember what your wedding invitations looked like? How did you pick which ones you wanted? Did you make them yourself? if so, where did you get the idea? If not, where did you find them?

Several of my friends got married last year. One of those couples had an anniversary this weekend and it got my thinking about all of the wedding invitations I’ve seen in the last year. They were all so different. Some were more standard and elegant while others more creative and unique. It made me wonder about all of the other wedding invitations out there. I’ve never really delved to deeply into the wedding circuit so I wanted to see what I could find.

To those of you who are getting married and looking for wedding invitations, I hope this helps. Unfortunately, it probably won’t if you aren’t as geeky as I am.

Click the images for links to the original.

Pac Man wedding invitation

Adorable! Pac man wedding invitations! Great idea for the geeky couple.


Creative wedding invitationThis one is elegant and creative. I love the cut outs.


Film inspired wedding invitationsAarika, I hope you are reading this post because you would LOVE this invitation. Too bad you are married already 😉


View finder wedding invitationsView finder invitations! How creative is that?


purple-wedding-setThis purple wedding set is kind of fun. I like the simple design paired with the while chandelier. Something different.


chartoon-like wedding invitation

I like this card. The cartoon-ish aspect is adorable for a wedding. I wish the designer would’ve used 2 fonts instead of three though. The red one throws off my view a bit.

Let me know what you think. If you had some creative invitations, feel free to send them to me. I will gladly post them and link back to you!





14 thoughts on “Creative Wedding Invitations

  1. What a great collection of different invites. I love the cut out one and the rolls of film! The cut out invite looks so delicate! I remember making my invites, but it was so hard knowing what design to pick – there are so many beautiful ones out there!!

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