DIY Basic Watercolor Flower

DIY Basic Watercolor FlowerRecently, I was thinking about how important details are in artwork. For my most recent DIY projects, I’ve give you an overview tutorial on how to make each craft. What I’m going to show you for this one is the details for a watercolor flower. It didn’t take long and you could add so many more flowers to this one to turn it into something lovely. The flower is very basic so there are no excuses here!

watercolor materials

Things You Will Need:
Paper towel
Watercolor paint

*Watercolor paper is preferable, but cardstock is more common. Either will work. You can find them at craft stores like Michael’s.

colored water

Step 1
Wet your paint and dip you brush back in the water. Then, lightly dry it on the paper towel.

petal layer 1


Step 2
Paint the petal. The color should be very light like in the image above.

petal layer 2

Step 3
Dip the brush back in the paint, then lightly dry it on the towel again. Paint your second layer like in the above image.

petal layer 3

Step 4
Dip your brush back in the paint. This time, don’t dry it. Just paint a thin line around the edge of the petal to create a shadow effect.

purple watercolor flower

Step 5
Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining petals.

If you’ve had enough, you can start painting some accent elements like vines or leaves.

DIY Basic Watercolor Flower

If you think it looks a little rough, you can outline it with a black sharpie. This helps to clean up the lines and give some detail.

Let me know what you think! Did you like this tutorial? Would you like to see more of these types of tutorials?


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