DIY Cell Phone Carrier

DIY cell phone carrier


I like this DIY project because it is practical. Just about everyone I know carries a cell phone. Most people just carry them in their pockets or purses, but there are others who do the whole wristlet thing so that they can carry less than usual, yet enough to be efficient. I like to carry very little with me if possible. So this little carrier is helpful. I made one for myself about a year ago and I love it. I carry it everywhere with me. It is great for the gym because I can carry my access card, phone, a debit/credit card, and headphones. That is all I need.


DIY cell phone carrier

Things You Will Need:
Buttons (optional)

Buttons are for decoration.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 1:
Measure your fabric. I used two pieces of felt and two pieces of cotton fabric. The felt will go on the inside to protect your phone.

Leave some space on each side of your phone. I am leaving a lot of space because, most likely, I won’t keep this carrier so I want to make sure it fits other phones.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 2:
Lay out your fabric like this. One piece of fabric with one piece of felt.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 3:
I am going to make a pocket to go on the front of the carrier. Measure the fabric to fit the width. Then, add a small piece of felt over the top like so.

Pin it in place.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 4:

Lay out your fabric like this. We are going to sew on the inside and then flip it right-side out.

Make sure you cut off the extra fabric on the pocket if you haven’t already.


DIY cell phone carrier


Step 5:
Flip the very top of the fabric over (on both sides) and sew it. This way, it won’t look messy.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 6:
Sew all of the edges.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 7:
After you’ve sewn the sides and bottom, flip the phone carrier right-side out.


DIY cell phone carrierStep 8:
If you haven’t done this already, sew the felt across the top of the pocket.


DIY cell phone carrier


There you go; a cell phone carrier.

Yes, I hand sewed it. My sewing machine is not at my house right now, and I wanted to make this. I still enjoy hand sewing, even though it takes longer.

Happy crafting! 🙂


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