DIY Dandelion Silhouette Painting

DIY dandelion silhouette painting


I’ve been seeing dandelion art all over the place, particularly on Pinterest, and I’ve been inspired by it. So I decided to make my own version. But I wanted something a bit brighter and with more than a solid background. So I decided to paint dandelions as a silhouette on top of a sunset background. You can use whatever colors you’d like for yours though. I like the variety in color.

Don’t be discourage if you’ve never painted before. I promise that this one is easy and I’m walking you through all of it. If I don’t have pictures of what I did, I’ve provided links to tutorials that will help you through it.

wall art materials

Things You Will Need:
Acrylic paint

**If you want to use a black marker (pick a sharpie or other good brand to ensure consistent color) instead of black paint for the dandelion, you can do that. That was my original plan since you have better control of a marker, but my Sharpie died. So sad.

sunset background


Step 1
Pick your colors, wet your paint brush and layer them. Then blend the paints so that it creates a sunset effect.

I blended mine from pink, orange, yellow, back to orange, blue and to purple.

Hint: Add your lighter colors first. I started in the middle with yellow and added some white to the right side of the canvas. Then added my darker colors to the left side and blended over the right.

dandelion stemStep 2
Paint or draw the stem of the dandelion and add a ball at the top like in the image above.

dandelion stem 2

Step 3
Add some prongs out to the side and add a small circle to the end of each one.


Step 4
Repeat Step 3 but at a smaller scale. Make the prongs a little bit shorter and the circles at the end a little bit smaller.

dandelion silhouette painting

Step 5
Repeat Step 3 and 4 to make as many dandelions as you’d like. I chose to paint 3 at different sizes.

DIY dandelion silhouette painting

Let it dry and hang your art on the wall to brighten up your room of choice. Lovely!

Happy painting!


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