DIY Fitness Motivation Board

DIY fitness motivation board

In January, everyone decides to sign up for a gym membership to lose weight or “get fit” and it drives me nuts, because the gyms are packed for about 3 months. Every March they start to clear out again because about half of those people seem to lose their motivation to get there. I can relate to that though. Fitness is 100% mental for me, and for many others. Doing the work isn’t the hard part, but getting to the gym is. I never made a New Years resolution to lose weight or get fit. That is not my issue. I’ve been going to the gym for a long time now, but getting the motivation to go to the gym is where I struggle.

I’m a busy person, like many of you. But we all need to remember that we need to make time for the things we want to do. That is the bottom line. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of our goals and why we set them. So, this is why, for this week’s Make Something Mondays project, I decided to make my own fitness motivation board. This board is going to remind me of my goals so that I can make better choices to help me reach those goals.

fitness motivation materials

Things You Will Need:
Thumb tacs
Cork board
Motivational images or quotes

fitness motivation

Step 1:
Gather your motivational images and cut them out. I chose images that represented my goals, had motivational quotes, and funny images to keep the humor when I’m burnt out. Pick whatever images make you respond the most. Something that is going to get you off of the couch.

arranging motivational images on boards

Step 2:
Organize your images to fit on your cork board. I picked up my boards from Michael’s and got 4 separate boards in one pack so I organized my images to fit in sections.

motivation board with meal organizer

Step 3:
Hang it up on the wall as a reminder.

I also added a marker board for meal prep. I’ve decided that preparing meals in advance will save a lot of time during the week, and who doesn’t need that? I’ll let you know if that works out for me.

DIY fitness motivation board

There is quite a variety of athletic goals on my board. I’m very exciting to meet those goals and replace the old images with new ones. I think the yoga goals will be the hardest to meet. I have others representing running, a Tough Mudder, and lifting goals. I think my favorite humorous image is the fat monkey that says “didn’t run today”. Ha!
If you are interested in putting together a fitness motivation board, you can find A TON if images on Pinterest to get you started. If you want some of the images I have in my tutorial, you can check out my Fitness board. It is shameful how many images I have on there… so don’t make fun 😉
Happy crafting!

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