DIY Glitter High Heels

I’ve seen so many tutorials for glitter flats and other glitter shoes and I wanted to try it myself. I think they turned out pretty well! I typically do not wear shoes like this so it will be interesting for others to watch me walk in them…



Things you will need:



Paint brush


disposable bowl

Mod Podge or other glue



Step 1:

Lay down some Newspaper and mix about 1/4 cup Mod Podge with a cup of glitter into a disposable bowl. I did not measure but I guestimated.



Step 2:

Start by painting half of the shoe with your glue mixture. Make sure to keep your lines clean or you will be having a hard time cleaning it up later.



Step 3:

Sprinkle some glitter over top of the painted-on glue mixture. Make sure you keep the shoe over top of the newspaper.



Step 4:

It gets quite messy. Use your fingers to tap the glitter into the glue. Don’t press to hard.



It is soooo glittery!



This is the final product, for me at least. I originally decided not to put a sealant over top of the glitter but after wearing them for a short while there was a ton of glitter on the floor. I plan to get a sealant to put over top of the glitter to preserve the appearance. I recommend you do the same if you try to make your own. Let me know if  you come up with a good technique. 🙂


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