Fun With Vinyl

I went to Michael’s the other day with a friend and we discovered the existence of these figurines. I love them. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! They are called Doodle Budz. They come with stickers and two markers to draw on them with, but painting on them is always an option. I think I’ve found a new, and inexpensive, hobby. Ooohhh the possibilities!

Apparently, this is the original version/brand, Munny, which cost about $10 each. (Correct me if I have this wrong… I’m not positive.)

I bought this one from Michael’s which only costs about $4. I was pretty excited about it.

Here are some examples of what people have done with theirs. If you have any I would love to see them!

Glow in the dark skeleton

Bubble gum machine


Doodle splatter


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