DIY Heart Hand Warmers



I was thinking about Valentine’s Day. What is something practical that I would want on this holiday? I would like hand warmers because I don’t like to be cold. I’ll make them BLUE heart-shaped hand warmers 😀



materialsThings You Will Need:


heart-shaped-fabricStep 1:

Cut two pieces of fabric into identical heart shapes.



sewing-heartsStep 2:

Sew the hearts together using close stitches. Leave a small opening like the image above.





Step 3:

Flip the fabric inside out so that your stitching is hidden.



rice-fillingStep 4:

Fill the fabric with rice and sew the rest together.



heart in hand


You should have something that looks like this. Now duplicate for matching hearts.





Lovely. Heat for 30 seconds in the microwave and you hand some cute Valentine’s Day hand warmers 😀





4 thoughts on “DIY Heart Hand Warmers

    • Haha thanks. I glad you enjoy them. They do work. They stay pretty warm for about half an hour but it depends on how long you microwave them. After about a year the rice starts to smell a little funky but you can counteract that by adding essential oils. I think they are worth it because they don’t take long to make and in a year I’m sure I will have time to make 2 more.

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