A Look At My Sketchbook

I don’t do this much. No, I actually never do this. I am going to show you my sketchbooks from before I graduated from high school. Scary right? Some of these drawings are from 7th grade. I was a strange kid, so don’t judge, haha.

I learned to draw by drawing what  was in front of me. I ripped pages out of magazines with models or celebrities on them and drew them. No one really taught me how. My art teachers obviously had a hand in my learning process but the majority came from imitating what I saw. I’m not sure where the dragons and skulls came from… maybe I was having a bad day? Who knows.

Here we go. Deep breath.

old-drawings-compilationA compilation of the drawings I am going to show you.



This is what I mean… I was a strange kid. I went through a phase like this where everything I drew was somewhat dreary. I’m honestly surprised that my 12 year old self was drawing Marilyn Mason. (I actually kind of like his music now.)



At some point in their lives every artist tries to draw themselves. Some are better at it than others. This happened to be the first self portrait I drew. Little did I know, in college, I would have a professor that thought it was necessary to draw myself 100 times in a semester. I never want to do it again.



This is a portrait of one of my best friends from high school. It was one of her senior pictures. It is not a good representation of her though.



Apparently I was much better at watercolor when I was in 7th grade than I am now. No idea how that happened.




This was an old house in the woods behind my house growing up.



You guys remember Missy Elliot, right? She was a pretty big (in terms of success) rapper in the early 2000s. I loved her. Then again, my taste in music was questionable.


I’m actually not sure who this is supposed to be. I most likely found a picture in a magazine of this girl and just enjoyed the layout or colors. I have a painting of this girl too.



Ohhhh, Eminem. I LOVED Eminem. Seriously, it was a problem. I had pictures of him plastered all over my room and I listened to his music WAAAAYY too much. I think my parents were beginning to worry about me.



Nelly was another one.  I’m not sure what I liked about him because his music was terrible and he wore tape on his face. Again, I made a lot of questionable decisions as a teenager. I suppose it could have been worse though.



I know this was supposed to be a celebrity, I’m just not sure which one. My mom really liked this one if I remember correctly.



I have no idea where I found a picture of this. I want to say it from a pog or something.



I remember drawing this one. It was from a really old Christmas card that my parents got.



Dale Earnhart. A guy I worked with (when I was 16, maybe) was a HUGE nascar fan. So I drew this for him and this is the copy.



I got bored at work one night and started this drawing. It was such a crappy night because of the snowstorm that no one was coming in and I had finished all of my cleaning.



I drew this at the beach one year. I saw it on the bottom of a skateboard and really liked it.



I think this one  needs no explanation.




Angelina Joli. I didn’t even like her that much…


I would get discouraged because my drawings weren’t accurate and wanted to throw them away but my art teachers and parents always told me to keep them. I’m glad I did because I can see how much I’ve improved over the years. Especially if I look at the ones from grade school, oh man, those are baaaad. I will spare you and myself and keep those hidden away. It is true, the more you do something, the better you get at it. Don’t give up!

I have a Deviant Art account that I haven’t used in a while but you can check it out if you want to. There is also a page on here (at the top) called Megan’s Fine Art that has some of my work in it. I would love to see your work as well so send me a link and tell me to check it out!

Thanks for taking a look at my work. Hopefully it has inspired you to keep working at whatever your passion is. It has made me want to draw again. You might see another one pretty soon 🙂



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    • It just takes practice. The more you do it the better it gets. I used to draw eery day and now I just don have time for it. It makes me sad.
      I am very glad it inspired you though! Thanks for looking at my work!

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