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While in the laundry aisle about a week ago I threw a mini fit in my head about how expensive laundry detergent is. Is is just soap… why is it so expensive?!?! What the heck could possibly be in this stuff to make it worth $10-$15? So, I did a little bit of research (after regretfully buying the $10 jug of crappy soap) and decided to make my own. It smells pretty good, not too fragrant, and seems to be working. Yes, I tested this before I decided to share it with you. And I tested it on towels first because they are more easily replaced.

These are seriously the easiest directions ever…


Things You Will Need:
Fels Naptha
cheese grater
Measuring cup
Arm & Hammer washing soda

*Note: Fels-Naptha might not be in the laundry aisle, if not, it is with the soap and body wash.



Step 1:

Grate the Fels-naptha (the whole bar) into a container.



Step 2:

Add a cup of Borax to the container.



Step 3:

Add 1 cup of washing soda.



Step 4:

Mix well!



It probably took me longer to write this post than it will for you to actually make the detergent. Also, it was super cheap. I think I spent about $5-$6 on the ingredients and it makes about 5 batches. Just add a tablespoon of the mix to each load of laundry. It doesn’t really get foamy and I promise it is not going to make your washer overflow. I watched carefully. But everything worked out and smelled fresh. Lovely!

Enjoy laundry!

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  1. This is great post dear Megan, I want to try, but of course I should find all these items… Thank you so much, when I try I will come back again, love, nia

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