DIY Wire Wrap Christmas Tree Earrings

DIY Christmas Tree EarringsIt doesn’t look like it, but these Christmas tree earrings were actually very easy to make. They would make a nice last-minute gift idea for some of the ladies of your list that you have yet to buy for. Granted, it is a seasonal idea, but you could turn them into ornaments as well, if you made them larger. These are probably about 2 inches tall.

christmas tree earrings materials

Things You Will Need:
Thick wire
Earring hooks

I know, what the heck is a Thing-a-ma-JIG, right? It is that little peg board you see in the background. it comes with a bunch of pegs in a variety of sizes. You can get it at Michael’s for $20. It is wonderful.


earrings set upStep 1:
Set up your peg board so that it resembles a tree (like in the image above).


diy Christmas earringsStep 2:
Wrap your wire around the first peg, at the top. You can use pliers for this or use your fingers.


Christmas treeStep 3:
Continue to wrap the wire downward until you have something that looks like this.

*I took some of the pegs out so you are able to see the wire better. Leave the pegs in there while you are wrapping.


Wire wrap tree earrings

wire wrap treesStep 4:
When you are finished wrapping the wire, you should have something like the above photos. I played around with some different ideas to end the tree with. You can do whatever you want, but I prefer the one with the beads.

Go ahead and attach your earring hooks.

DIY Christmas Tree EarringsThere you have it, Christmas tree earrings. I hope you like them!

Happy crafting!







13 thoughts on “DIY Wire Wrap Christmas Tree Earrings

    • Thank you! The peg board is my new favorite thing. You should definitely look into getting one of you make jewelry.

      I hate seasonal jewelry, to be honest. I think I have one pair of snowman earrings and they are somewhat abstract looking like the tree earrings are. I think that is why I like them also. Appreciate your comment!

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  2. My friend gifted me this jig after learning I’d lost the pegs for my old jig. It didn’t come with this tree pattern though so I’m glad I found it.

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