6 thoughts on “25 Cute as Christmas Nail art Designs!

  1. Mad and funny … still I belong to the old school .. there is nothing like red nails on a beautiful hand. My hands are not very beautiful so I keep mine natural. Lovely post!

    • Haha, I’m with you! I have short, stubby fingers and short nails, so I could never pull off half of those. I love looking at them though. The time and creativity that goes into them is something that i really appreciate.

      Red nails are classic. My grandma always yells at me if i wear black or orange nail polish (anything weird). She says that women should wear red or pink nail polish and she doesn’t understand why all of these kids have to go and ruin it with black, haha. She makes me laugh.

      • You’re grandma is a real lady, but I can understand why people want to try all the mad stuff – it’s make you feel happy and excited … so keep on wearing what color you feel for. So long is they are not blue – because it make the hand look sick and pale. Happy New Year to you and your grandma.

      • Haha, she is a real lady!

        Experimentation is always a good thing, like you said. Some blues are okay, depending on the skin color. With pale skin, yes, it seems to make it look more pale. But pale skin looks great with pink nails 🙂 Thanks Viveka! Happy new years to you as well!

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