DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This was probably one the easiest projects I’ve ever made that actually served a functional purpose. The mason jar soap dispenser takes about 15 minutes to make and costs about $3 (depending on the soap you choose to put in it). I got the mason jar for $1 at Pat Catan’s (you can get them at any craft or thrift store) and I got the soap for $2 at Walmart.



Things You Will Need:
Mason jar
Hot melt glue



Step 1:

Use your knife to poke a small hole in the lid. Slowly work the knife back and forth to make the hole big enough to fit the top of your dispenser.



Step 2:

Glue the area under the top of the dispenser and hold it down for a few seconds.



Step 3:

Remove the lid and pour in your soap. Put the lid back on and make sure your tube is cut short enough. If it is too close to the bottom it won’t pull the soap through.



You are done! You have a handmade soap dispenser that will look awesome in your bathroom. Or Kitchen… wherever you choose to put it.


Happy crafting! 🙂





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