DIY Painted Mason Jar Decor

DIY Painted Mason Jar decor via Make Something Mondays

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Mason Jar crafts but I don’t partake very often. Maybe because it has become a fad and I’m tired of seeing them everywhere. As you can see, I gave in today and made my own DIY painted Mason Jar decor. I got very excited because the weather has been so nice here (relatively speaking), and it makes me enjoy colorful things a lot more. This was my way of dealing with that. I craft! It really didn’t take long and was pretty cheap. I got the Mason Jars for $1 each, the paint for $1.67 each, and the flowers were $3 (all at at Pat Catan’s). Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a gardener and am not even going to attempt to use real flowers. My mom would probably have heart failure if she even knew I had fake plants in my house.

Materials needed for painted mason jar decorThings You Will Need:
Mason Jars
Acrylic paints (safe for glass)

Optional buy recommended: newspaper to cover your workspace.

mason jar crafts

Step 1:

Plop some paint down into the bottom of the jar. Swirl it around a bit until it covers the bottom completely.

Dripping paint | Mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 2:

Hold the Mason Jar to the side and swirl some paint around the top. Twist the jar as the paint comes out.

Painted mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 3:

Swirl the paint around until you have a fully painted jar. I had to hit the jar on my palm a few times to get the paint where I wanted it. You will probably have to do the same. When you are finished replace the rim of the jar only (like the above photo).

Mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1-3 for as many painted jars as you would like.

DIY Painted Mason Jar decor via Make Something Mondays

Beautiful! I love my painted jars 🙂 I only painted 4 jars, but I will probably add some blue and green ones later. I am pretty excited about them too!

Happy crafting!

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  1. I did something similar to this a few years ago for Christmas gifts using vases instead, only I swirled in multiple colors and they turned out to be a great hit. This really is a fun little project.

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