DIY Quote Mug

I loved making these! I want to make so many more.

It was a pretty easy one. Once you buy the markers everything is inexpensive. Sadly, the markers cost about $16 at Michael’s (I think that is where I got them). It really isn’t that bad of a price considering you will have them for a very long time and can write on just about anything with them: glass, metal, porcelain, stone, metal, and wood.

It can be run through the dishwasher or heated in the microwave too!

It is worth it, I promise.

Things You Will Need:
Ceramic Cups
DecoColor Paint Markers

Step 1:

Shake the pen for about 30 seconds. Remove the cap and push the tip of the pen into a tissue or piece of paper to get rid of the excess paint. Then start drawing or writing on your cups. Make sure you stay away from the rim. You don’t want it near where your lips will be. On that note, don’t put it inside the cup either.

It gets to be pretty fun… somewhat addicting? It is a good addiction.

Happy crafting! 🙂

18 thoughts on “DIY Quote Mug

  1. I’ve been looking for like an hour to see if the decocolor markers would work and this popped right up when I finally got the keywords in google right…I’m so happy to find this!!! One question….they don’t need to be heated in the oven at all right? Wondering if that would make a difference or not

    • Glad you found my post! No, they don’t have to be heated. I do recommend that you let the mugs sit for a few days to let the ink set correctly. I’d say after 3ish days your should be good to go!

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    • Really? What was the material of the mug? If it isn’t ceramic, it could rub off. If it isn’t, try the oil based Sharpie markers (the ones you buy at a craft shop, not an office supply store). Those might work better.

  3. Hi…. so u recommend this marker to paint cup/mug? If yes do u bake it and what degree and for how long? Thank you..

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