DIY Shadow Box Memories

DIY Shadow Box MemoriesMost of my readers know that I spent all of last week at the beach. I knew I was going to miss it as soon as I got home so I prepared this Make Something Mondays (I guess Tuesday in this case) as a way to remember it. I decided to make a shadow box to preserve the memory. It is always a great way to remember a vacation or event.


DIY Shadow Box MemoriesThings You Will Need:
Shadow box


DIY Shadow Box MemoriesStep 1:
Pin the picture to the top of the back of the shadow box.


DIY Shadow Box MemoriesStep 2:
Add the sand and shells to the bottom of the shadow box.


DIY Shadow Box MemoriesStep 3:
Reassemble the shadow box and shake the sand and shells around for a more natural look.


DIY Shadow Box MemoriesThis is, by far, the best way to preserve memories.

A few years ago a coworker of my mom’s asked me to draw a picture of his family and add roses (from a wedding) to it. So I made a memoir box, similar to this one. The drawing is not a good one but he seemed to like the final package. It is more about the event and the memory than the  drawing itself.







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