DIY Watercolor Decor

DIY Watercolor DecorThis is a fun, relaxing DIY for Make Something Mondays. It is always nice to have something like this after the holidays. You can do this by yourself, with a friend, or even with your kids! Its like coloring in a coloring book but without restrictions. I hope you enjoy it!



DIY materials


Things You Will Need:
Cup of water
Felt-tip Marker
Thesaurus pages





Step 1:

There is only one step. Start doodling with your watercolors on the thesaurus pages.


Painting like this really helps to blow off some steam (at least for me). I really like the way the ink shows through the watercolors.

If you like it enough when you are finished you can frame them and they make some awesome decor!


watercolor flowers




DIY Watercolor Decor


If you want to play around some more, use your marker to outlines or color with. see what you can do with it!


11 thoughts on “DIY Watercolor Decor

  1. These are really cool! I bet acrylics would work too ( you may have to this it out a little but I bet it would work) I especially like the flower at the top left. Cheers to the new year 🙂

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