Interesting Facts About Graphic Design

Carolyn Davidson designed the Nike swoosh while she was a student at Portland State University. Nike paid her $35. $35!!!!! Do you have any idea what a logo design costs?
IBM logo design
Peretz Rosenbaum, better known as Paul Rand, designed the UPS logo, Westinghouse logo, and IBM logo. He is arguably one of the most influencial designers of our time.

Georgia typeface
Georgia, a typeface designed by Matthew Carter, was named after a headline found in a tabloid which read “Alien heads found in Georgia.”
Roughly 25% of graphic designers are self-employed. Those who are not, most likely do freelance work on the side (assuming their contracts allow it).
 The first printed advertisement was publicized in 1704, looking for a buyer for an estate, and printed in the Boston News-Letter.
The Woodbury Facial Soap Campaign was the first use of sex in marketing (1911)
Sex appeal wasn’t used in marketing until 1911 with Woodbury Soap and “The Skin You Love To Touch” campaign. Pretty tame relatively speaking…
Business cards don’t all have to be boring. Different shades, patterns and designs are used in a business card now-a-days to reflect the work, personality, and goal(s) of an organization. Here are a few examples of unique business cards.
Apple logo design
In 1977, Steve Jobs approached Rob Janoff, the creative designer  for Apple, and asked him to design a new logo for the company. The new logo was a simple apple shape with a bite in the side with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. The bite symbolized knowledge and could also be considered “byte,” as a reference to computer technology. Very clever!

The first website of the internet was created by Tim Berners-Leein 1992. It is still active. Take a look at it. It is very old-fashioned.

the Coca Cola logo was handwritten. It was not created from a typeface.

The Coca-Cola logo design was created by hand and is  now known as Spencerian Script. It was not a typeface.

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  1. I don’t like coca-cola … or pepsi … but I love the Coca-cola brand … and logo – but I prefer the red on white. Apple has a fantastic logo too – especially the rainbow version.
    Very interesting post again.

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