Logo Love

I’m a bit of a dork. I really like to look at logos so I’m going to share some with you. Go to Logo Pond for more fun ones!


A campaign logo for a soft drink brand. The company wanted to promote several new juice flavours for the summer season with one logo.

Unplugged in Monti is a series of acoustic gigs and private shows organized at Black Market, a club set in one of the most famous and ancient quarter of Rome, Rione Monti. The two relating logos are a very rough retro illustration that includes a mandolin and the classic logo of the Monti quarter, and the UiM acronymous designed like it was the brand of a musical instruments company, realised always with a coarse style.

Development and advancement of sites/
smart internet solution


Logo for local catering firm.

Georgian Air Traffic control

Lounge / Restaurant


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