Ombre Stockings By BZR


black and purple stockings

I’ve recently discovered this Etsy shop that I absolutely love! It’s called BZR and they make some awesome ombre stockings. My favorite ones are at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, the story of the shop was interesting. The girl who runs it, Tiffany, was 26 and without a job. She also lived in an apartment with her brother. She decided that she wanted to try to make ombre stockings because she had time to do it and had been thinking about it for a while. With some motivational prompting from friends and family, she opened up a shop on Etsy. The orders started flooding in and the rest is history. That never happens… but I’m so glad it did 🙂

dark pink and purple leggings green and black ombre rights blue and lilac stockings pink and peach colored ombre leggings

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