Silk-Screened Goodness

Lauren and Sammy over at Lauren Alison have a good story to tell… and some great talent to show. I found their Etsy shop yesterday and really loved their designs so I looked a bit further into the company. It is definitely worth sharing.

Pillows and cushions

Their story:
Lauren Alison is a company that sells silk screened pillows, tea towels, purses, etc. The work is lovely.

Lauren started Lauren Alison with a pile of felt- leftovers from Christmas stockings she had made. Her first pillows were crafted out of felt, designs were still hand-drawn, and each one was pieced together. She enjoyed the work, but she was also a stay-at-home mom to three kids under the age of 5. Surely that can be quite time-consuming.

Business started taking off and Sammy quit his full time job to stay at home and help with the shop. He became the organizer, the planner. He takes care of the business end of things while helping Lauren with screen printing.

That was their dream, to do something they loved, together.

“We love brainstorming together and I have to say we are pretty good at it. Mainly because we are such polar opposites. When we put our heads together, we are a perfect marriage of arty-creative and business savvy. “

Check out their designs:
Etsy shop


Images: courtesy of Lauren Allison.

silk screening process

red and blue pillow design

blue flower design

purple moroccan tea towl

pink and green design

brown striped cushion



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