Staircases From Around the World

Stair cases are fun. I’m serious, what little kid doesn’t want to play on the stairs when you go to the mall? How about the escalator? Moving stairs! Come on now. Stairs are awesome. So, I found this neat post Via edot and thought you guys would enjoy it.

edot compiled some images of staircases from around the world. Some are intriguing, yet practical and others are not so practical, but all of them are unique. Their designers deserve some credit regardless of whether or not they were actually considering the functionality.  Maybe those designs would be better displayed in a museum…


12 thoughts on “Staircases From Around the World

  1. OMG – I think I have nightmares about stairs like these – I trip up and down stairs all the time and those are just your regular run of the mill stairs! Happy Friday – thanks for sharing:)

  2. Half of these made me think I was tripping and the other half made me wish I was. I keep thinking I really need to make my mom aware of your blog. She would LOVE it. You’re is one of my favs.

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