Awesome Tree House For Kids… Or You

I Found a post on Eilas Photography’s Blog and thought it was inspiring, in a different kind of way. This married couple promised their kids a tree house. So, the father, apparently a creative individual, decided to put together this amazing structure. I’m not sure how long it took to put it together, or even if they had planned a timeframe, but it looks like there was a ton of detail and thought put into it. Read the whole post

Andy Warhol’s Townhouse Selling for $5.8 Million

Andy Warhol's former townhouse is on the market for $5.8 million

I recently read on Radar Online that Andy Warhol’s former apartment in New York is on sale for $5.8 million. At first I got a little bit excited because he was an artist. I always get excited about other artists. But I am not a huge fan of Andy Warhol. I don’t think that his Campbell’s soup labels and Marilyn Monroe diptych could persuade me to live in his townhouse. What do you think? Would you live in this Manhattan townhouse? Read the whole post

Staircases From Around the World

Stair cases are fun. I’m serious, what little kid doesn’t want to play on the stairs when you go to the mall? How about the escalator? Moving stairs! Come on now. Stairs are awesome. So, I found this neat post Via edot and thought you guys would enjoy it.

edot compiled some images of staircases from around the world. Some are intriguing, yet practical and others are not so practical, but all of them are unique. Read the whole post

Hotel Silken Puerta America

via Hotel Silken


Hotel Silken Puerta America in Madrid, Spain is a unique hotel designed by many artists and architects working together. The goal was to develop a “neverbeen- attempted-before project that has brought together nineteen of the top architecture and design studios in the world from thirteen different countries”.

Each level (12 stories) was designed by a different artist.

Each floor exhibits a different concept in hotel rooms.


Car park: Stimulus of colors by Teresa Sapey


Reception desk and meeting rooms by John Pawson


Restaurant: Latin inspiration by Christian Liaigre


Cocktail bar by Marc Newson


First floor: Sinuous lines, fluid spaces by Zaha Hadid


Second floor: Elegance and flexibility by Norman Foster


Third floor: Luxury and privacy by David Chipperfield


Fourth floor: An exercise in geometry by Plasma Studio


Fifth floor: Fashion which bedecks an interior by Victorio & Lucchino


Sixth floor: The luxury and comfort of simplicity by Marc Newson


Seventh floor: An interplay of sinuous shapes by Ron Arad


Eighth floor: Light in motion by Kathryn Findlay and Jason Bruges


Ninth floor: Boxes of colours by Richard Gluckman


Tenth floor: Japanese tradition by Arata Isozaki


Eleventh floor: Good vibrations by Javier Mariscal and Fernando Salas


Twelfth floor and penthouse by Jean Nouvel


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Bring On The Digital

QR Code Pavilion in Russia
via Microsoft Tag

I had every intention of rewording the following paragraph, but there is just no way to say it better. It is perfect. So, I am quoting Elliott Lemenager from Microsoft Tag. Wow, holy QR Codes.

Get ready to have your mind blown with QR Code mania. Russia’s futuristic, QR code pavilion at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, is a sight to behold. With every nook and cranny covered with giant qr codes, visitors can scan the QR Codes to explore plans and models for Skolkovo, a Russian city dedicated to science and technology that’s currently under development. Read the whole post

Private Suite On Wheels

Talk about bringing camping into the 21st century

I know a lot of people who would be overjoyed to go “camping” in something like this. Very modern. I would take this thing and tour the US… forget camping.

Regardless… this is not camping. This is just vacation. Camping is you (with family and friends), a tent, some hiking, mountain pies, no running water and a lot of bugs.

Via TheDesignerPad






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Hobbit House

I found this article with pictures at Mail One. Amazing! I love it and wanted to share it.

Thus guy is my hero! Creative and ambitious!

Simon Dale: How I built my hobbit house in Wales for just £3,000 | Mail Online

Our £3,000 Hobbit house: The family home dug from a hillside and built with scraps scavenged from skips

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