Where to Find Creative Inspiration on the Web

Last week, I wrote an article on how to beat creative block. From that article, I got a lot of questions about where I look for inspiration. That is a good question. Aside from going for a walk or talking to someone else, I get creative inspiration from other people. There is a pool of artists and designers out there who upload their work and ideas to websites and forums. But, which are the best ones to browse when you’re stuck in a rut? I’ve compiled some of my favorites for you.

For Design Inspiration

I Love Typography

i love typography

I go to this blog when I’m going through a font phase. Most designers drool over fonts on a regular basis, but I get in moods. Whether you realize it or not, font has a very important role in our everyday lives. You might overlook an ad just because the font doesn’t match the design. You’ll notice it when you see one designed by someone who has no idea what they are doing. All of the designers in crowd will be like “That doesn’t fit with those curves at all! They should’ve used Futura instead”, or something along those lines. This is a great place to learn about fonts and to discover new ones.

The Matboard

The Matboard

The Matboard is like a mixture between Behance and Pinterest. It is one of the greatest sites ever for creative inspiration. You can upload work, browse work, and network with other designers. When  can’t find something art related on Pinterest, this is my go-to site. It really is fantastic for all types of project inspiration.



I know, this is a common one. But you have to remember that it is common because it is GOOD. You can find all kinds of creative projects on here whether you are looking for graphic design, illustration or website projects, Behance has it all. I also enjoy the project shuffle filter that gives you random projects that you might like. It is also a good way to find a creative company if you are looking to get some marketing materials made.

For logo Inspiration


LogoPond for logo design inspiration

LogoPond has always been one of my favorite sites for logo inspiration. Every design on that site is clean and and thought out. It isn’t just a dump of work. The site is organized and highly functional, just how I like it.

Random Inspiration



StumbleUpon is bookmarking site. You can designate your interests and it will show you information based on your likes. When you go to a site through StumbleUpon, you can choose to like it or dislike it. Over time, the site learns what you like over what you dislike, and can show you articles or websites based on your interests. You can also add sites or articles to the StumbleUpon. It will ask you for the URL, some keywords, a category that it fits in, and a description. This way, it can share that page with other users that have the same interests as you do. It is pretty cool. I use this one when I’m bored, mostly (which isn’t as often as I would like it to be). But it is also very helpful for finding inspiration on a specific topic.



Go ahead and yell at me if you feel the need to, but I LOVE Pinterest. It doesn’t matter what I am looking for, I can always find it here. Sometimes, I just go there for color palettes. It sounds strange, but just looking at the screen shot above, I can pick out fun and new ones. I love it!

When you’ve hit a wall and you need some inspiration where do you go? What do you do? I want to hear about the sites you visit when you’ve hit a wall.

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