DIY Scrapbook Paper Gift Box

diy scrapbook paper gift box
Scrapbook paper has become a love of mine in the past few years. It’s so versatile when it comes to crafting. I’m sure you’ve seen a few examples on the many craft blogs out there. Decoupage, origami, decorations… You name it. You can even make gift boxes with it, which is what I’m going to show you how to do today.

It’s really easy and only take about 15 mins. It’s great for holding little trinkets, candy, notes or whatever small objects you might want to gift.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own.
materials needed for scrapbook paper gift boxesDIY Gift Box Materials

  • Scissors
  • Template
  • Glue stick
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Embroidery thread

You can ignore the hole punch. I’m not sure what I was thinking there.


scrapbook paper gift box template

Step 1: print the template above

Click on the image of the template above to expand it to size. Then print it.

If you’re using regular light-weight scrapbook paper, you can print it directly onto the paper.

paper gift box template
Step 2: copy the template onto the scrapbook paper

I used cardstock scrapbook paper (thick paper) so I can’t print the template directly onto it. If you’re in the same boat, use your cut-out template to trace the template onto the scrapbook paper. Then, cut it out.


folded scrapbook paper
Step 3: fold your scrapbook paper

Use the dotted lines on the template as a reference for where to fold. Make those folds on your scrapbook paper like in the image above.

DIY gift box out of paper
Step 4: glue the tabs to form the box

The sections you folded have created tabs. Fold both sides inward and glue the tabs to the inside of the box. As you can see, the largest sections have become the top and bottom of the box.

DIY scrapbook paper gift box
Step 5: tie it together

To keep the box closed, tie some embroidery thread or ribbon around it and fasten with a bow.

Now you have a uniquely patterned gift box to hold gifts or for storage. So cute!

Please leave your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Happy crafting!


DIY Scrapbook Paper Envelope

DIY scrapbook paper envelop

Envelopes are so boring aren’t they? White and lifeless.

Sometimes you just want a fun one. Maybe to go with a wedding or birthday gift. Or maybe just for fun. I’m certainly not going to waste them on bills. (Does anyone even send their bills by snail mail anymore?) Sometimes I want to send a card with an envelope that’s just as exciting.


My boyfriend and I were at a wedding out of state this weekend and I wanted a pretty envelope to go with the card. I hate store cards and accessories. They’re all the same.

So, I made my own.

I found some elegant scrapbook paper and started folding.

If you want to make one yourself, follow the tutorial below.

**I apologize for the crappy lighting in the photos. Hotel lighting does not do us any favors.**

scrapbook paper envelope materials

Materials needed for the DIY paper envelope

  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper (12×12)


scrapbook paper folded in half

Step 1: fold the paper in half

Fold your scrapbook paper evenly in half.


scrapbook paper edges folded inward

Step 2: fold down the edges

Unfold the paper.

Fold the top and the bottom edges toward the center. My newest folds are about an inch.


folded scrabook paper

Step 3: fold down the sides

Unfold the paper.

Fold the right and left edges of the paper inward about half an inch.

The image only shows one side folded. Make sure you fold both sides.


folds and cuts to make a paper envelope

Step 4: begin cutting


This is going to come in a few steps.

  1. Cut off the top fold of the left half of the paper.
  2. Cut off the small rectangle created by the folds at the bottom corner of the left half of the paper.
  3. Cut off the bottom fold of the right half of the paper.
  4. Cut off the half an inch fold on the right side of the paper.
  5. Round your edges with the scissors if you’d like to.

When you’re finished, your paper should look something like the image above. Notice the pieces you didn’t cut off have formed tabs.


glue tabs to paper to make envelope

Step 5: glue the tabs

fold the left side over top of the left side and glue your tabs down.


DIY scrapbook paper envelop

Now you should have a beautiful envelope to send to friends, family or whoever you think might enjoy it.

Again, I apologize for the horrible lighting.

Happy crafting!

DIY Watercolor Bookmarks

watercolor bookmarks

I know that e-readers are popular. I love my Kindle. But there is something about opening a real book and flipping the pages while getting a whiff of each one.

E-readers are great but, for me, nothing will ever replace the experience of a physical book. That’s why I am always reading a few books at a time, one on my Kindle and one with real pages.

Recently though, I misplaced my bookmark so I had to find a replacement. Why buy one when I can make one, right? So I decided on watercolor bookmarks. They’re quick and easy and I can make a bunch of them fairly quickly.

If you like the ones pictured above and might want to make your own, keep reading.

Materials for watercolor bookmarks

DIY watercolor bookmark materials

  • ruler
  • pencil
  • marker
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints


bookmark cut outs

Step 1

Measure and cut out your soon-to-be bookmarks.

Mine were smaller than the typical bookmark. They’re about 1.5″ wide by about 4″ long.



Step 2

Pick two watercolor paints and blend them together.

In the image above I used pink/purple and yellow/orange. I started at the top and moved down along the right side with one color and then flipped the bookmark upside down and repeated with the other color. Then blended them in the middle.

If you’re unfamiliar with watercolor, this video is great for beginner instruction.

Let it dry. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


watercolor bookmarks

Step 3

Using a marker, draw a design you like or write a quote on your bookmark.


DIY watercolor bookmarks

When you’re done you will have something like these. They’re colorful, possibly inspirational and something you’ve made by yourself. You could make them with your kids too! The Happy Hooligans blog has a fun tutorial on how to use Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to make pretty neat bookmarks.

Try to get creative if you’re up for a challenge. Use a decorative hole punch to cut out the edges, use shades of the same color, experiment with typography… whatever you can think of. It’s a fun, quick project and you have nothing to lose.

Let me know what you think! I’d love you hear your ideas or how you might decorate a bookmark.

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

I don’t know about you, but I always buy gift tags around the holidays for presents. I thought about it the other day, though, and decided that I don’t need to spend money on gift tags because I have everything to make them myself.

That’s usually how this stuff starts, right? You see something and think I bet I could make that.

So, if you want to make your own you can follow along with my tutorial below. It’s quick and easy!

Gift tag materials

DIY Watercolor Gift Tag Materials

Hole punch
Paint brush
Media paper
Watercolor paints
White crayon (if you want to experiment)

Note: Go to a craft store or art store to find media paper. It’s typically 80 lb. paper so it can be used with multiple mediums like pens, markers and watercolor paint.

soon-to-be gift tags

Step 1

Measure and cut out your gift tags.

I cut mine to be 1.5″ wide by 3″ tall.

Basic gift tags

Step 2

Hole punch your gift tags and design accordingly.

I decided to try a variety of designs like rounded and angled edges.

watercolor gift tags

Step 3

THIS PART IS OPTIONAL: If you decided to be adventurous, this is the step where you want to draw or write on your gift tags with white crayon. Make sure you press hard though, or it won’t come out clearly. In the image above, you can see that my attempt to write with the white crayon didn’t turn out very well and I pushed pretty hard.


Now, brush on your watercolor paint!

If you’re not very familiar with this kind of paint, let me give you some tips:

  • The more water you use, the lighter the color of paint will become.
  • The less water you use, the darker the color.
  • Use a smaller brush.

To get a gradient like I did in the image above:

  1. Dip your brush in the water, then in the paint and back in the water.
  2. Go over the entire gift tag with your brush.
  3. Dip the brush back in the paint (without getting it wet again) and paint the top portion of the gift tag. If you get a harsh line dip the brush back in the water and brush a line or two of water over the line. That should help to blend it more.

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

Write your message on your gift tags and you’re finished!

You can get as fancy as you want to. I chose to keep them more basic for this tutorial but I am definitely planning to make some for Christmas presents so I’ll show you a more artistic version next month.

Hope you guys enjoyed my gift tags!

Happy crafting!

DIY iPhone Case Design

DIY iPhone Case Designs

I’ve been wanting to make my own cell phone case design for a while now, but I had a good case and didn’t want to replace it. Well, it broke last week, so I took my chance.

I love this craft because there are so many options. You can use a drawing (which I plan to make later), photography, scrapbook paper, Instagram photos, etc. Whatever you can make or find will work!

DIY phone case materials

iPhone Case Design Materials

X-acto knife
Clear phone case
A design on paper

iphone case template

Step 1

Make a template.

I traced my phone on the paper I wanted and just added tabs to the edges so that the paper will wrap about my phone and stay in place.

Cut it out.

Place your cut out inside of the clear case and trace around the section for the camera.

Use the X-acto knife to cut that part out.

You should now have something like the above image. This can be your first design option and your template.

DIY iPhone Case Design: leaves

Step 2

Put the design against the back of your clear case and place your phone against it.

DIY iPhone Case Design: Abstract 1

Painting by Samsavaclav. Found on Wikimedia.

diy iPhone Case Design: Abstract Version 2

Painting by Samsavaclav. Found on Wikimedia.

These two designs were made from this gorgeous painting on Wikimedia. I printed out the original upload, then used my template to cut out 2 more designs from the left and right side of the painting.

There are plenty of places to find images under the Creative Commons license. Check them out if you’re thinking about making your own phone case design.

I’m planning to make a few more designs and will upload them when I finish.

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me some feedback in the comments.

Dollar Store Craft: DIY Candle Wrap Decor

The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge. If you’re interested in learning more about the challenge, you can read about it here.

diy dollar store candle wrap

Today’s challenge was to make a Dollar Store craft and I thought it would be easy, but I wracked my brain for a good two weeks over this craft and didn’t come up with anything I really liked until this past weekend. I’m not much of a procrastinator so that’s really bad for me. I wanted this craft to be easy and affordable (obviously) but every idea I had prior to the candle wrap still would’ve cost at least $20. It kind of defeats the purpose of a Dollar Store craft at that point.

Eventually, I came up with the candle wrap. It’s super easy to make (especially if you print out the patterns I’m going to give you below) affordable and looks really neat when there’s a candle lit inside!

diy candle wrap materials

Things You Will Need

X-acto knife
Glue or tape
Straight, tall vase
Cutting board/cardboard

candle wrap flower pattern Candle wrap butterfly pattern Candle wrap triangle pattern

Step 1

Click one of the patterns above to be taken to a larger version. Print out the one you want to use for your candle wrap.

These are all sized for 8.5×11 paper.

You can always make your own pattern, too!

cut out candle wrap pattern

Step 2

Cut around the pattern.

For the butterfly pattern I wanted to cut around the wings only to make it look like the butterflies were flying with light behind them. You can cut them out completely if you prefer.

diy candle wrap decor

Step 3

Wrap the paper around the vase and glue or tape it in place.

diy candle wrap

Step 4

Place a candle in the vase and light it. I didn’t have all of my lights off in this picture, but you get the gist.

butterfly candle wrap

All of the lights were off this this picture and the following one. Pretty, right?

diy dollar store candle wrap

I like this craft because it’s cheap (which is always nice), looks pretty sweet with the lights off and would be a great decor item for parties.

You can experiment with different colors of paper and patterns to see the different results. I’d really like to try this with wax paper. I bet that would look neat!

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback, ideas for patterns, colored paper and whatever else you have on your mind.

The Craft Challenge Participants and Their Dollar Store Crafts

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Click on each of the pictures to check out each of their crafts.

All of the Dollar Store crafts are to be posted at some point today!

Happy Crafting!!!

DIY Geometric Pen Holder

DIY geometric pen holder

I was really excited for my craft this week. I recently started a new job, which means I have a new desk in a new environment. I wanted to spice up the space a little bit with a fun pen holder.

I knew I wanted it to be geometric, but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. So I googled “geometric 3d design templates” and found this site called It has templates for a ton of 3D shapes. I decided on a dodecahedron template.

There are two templates for the design I wanted, but the ones available were either too large or too small for my preference, so I made my own. You can use my template if you want. All you have to do is print and cut it out.


geometric pen holder materials

Things You Will Need

Hot-melt glue
Cardstock paper
Pentagon template
Scissors or X-acto knife
Paint or scrapbook paper
*Cutting mat

*Optional but useful


pentagon shaped cut outs

Step 1

Print your template on a piece of cardstock and cut out the shapes. You should have 12 shapes in your template but you should only use 11 of them. You’ll be leaving the top of the 3D shape open.

pen holder first steps

Step 2

Glue two of your pentgon-shaped cut outs together.

3D pen holder

pen holder in beginning stages

Step 3

Continue gluing the rest of the cut outs together until you have something like the above.

All of your edges should be the same length so don’t worry about whether or not they will fit a certain way.

mod modged scrapbook paper pen holder

Step 4

For this step you’ll either use the paint or the scrapbook paper.

If you’re using paint, go ahead and do your thing.

If you’re using scrapbook paper, use the same template to cut the same number of shape out of your paper. Then Mod Podge the shapes to your soon-to-be pen holder. Let that dry and add another layer of Mod Podge to the outside to seal the paper and add a protective layer.

3D pen holder on my desk

Plop some pens into your new, beautiful pen holder and enjoy!

DIY geometric pen holder

I am planning to make a few more of these with different designs and in different sizes. Maybe they won’t all be pen holders. Who knows? I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas! Leave it in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Gift Box From Scrapbook Paper

DIY paper gift box

I was trying to think of a good craft to make for Make Something Mondays earlier in the week and I thought of this paper box. When I was a freelance graphic designer and was regularly looking for new clients, I would make these boxes and fill them with tidbits about myself along with my résumé. It usually worked and I would at least have a call with my prospective clients.

I like these boxes because they are easy (and affordable) to make, and people always react positively to them. They make great gift boxes for candy or other small things and can made with any kind of paper or card stock.

I’ve made these boxes two different ways, and will show you both.

DIY paper box materialsThings You Will Need
Glue stick

Paper Box Option 1

paper layout

Step 1
My paper is 12×12 inches, so I marked every 3 inches and drew lines to show the area. So the bottom of the box will be 3×3 inches and the walls of the box will be a little bit shorter than 2 inches.

paper cutsStep 2
Make cuts down the sides of the soon-to-be walls like in the image above.

paper box bottom

Step 3
Use your glue stick to adhere the cut pieces to the inside of the walls so that you end up with a shape like this.

Decorative box bottom

Step 4 (optional)
Cut out a 3×3 square and glue it into the bottom of the box for a nice decorative element.

**for the lid, you want to make sure that it’s 1/2″ larger than the base. Since my base was 12×12 inches, I would make sure the lid was 12.5×12.5 inches.

Paper Box Option 2

fold in half

fold paper diagonally

Step 1
Fold the paper diagonally that one point meets the point directly across from it.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have folds that criss cross in the center.

fold paper in half

paper folds

Step 2
Fold the paper in half.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have fold similar to the above images.

fold side to center

Step 3
Fold one edge of the paper into the center.

Repeat on the other three sides.

fold edges inward

fold in side of paper

Step 4
Fold two of your points inward like in the image above and glue them. This will start one side of your box top.

Repeat on the other side.

paper box lid

You should have a box top that looks like this.

DIY paper box

DIY paper gift box

Add some ribbon around the box and tie a bow at the top for a fun accent!

Happy crafting!

DIY Redecorated Clock

DIY Redecorated ClockI don’t have a clock in my bathroom, so I usually just look at my phone while I’m getting ready for work in the morning. Half the time I leave the phone on my nightstand though, so I don’t have a clock either way. I decided to pick one up today while I was out.

I was browsing through the clocks and decided that I didn’t like any of them. Of course, my first thought was I’ll just make one myself. I grabbed a cheap one along with some black and white designed scrapbook paper.

Materials needed for redecorated clock

Things You Will Need:
Scrapbook paper

Screws in clock

Clock pieces

Step 1
Take the clock apart.

Note: Pay attention to how your clock is constructed. It will be a lot easier to put it back together.

Clock background

Step 2
Trace the background of the clock on your scrapbook paper and cut it out.

Hole in clock background

Step 3
Poke a small hole in the background of the clock. It doesn’t have to be beautiful because no one is going to see it.

clock pieces put together

Step 4
Put the clock back together.

Test it to make sure it works. Otherwise, you’ll spend your time putting all of the pieces back together just to take it apart again. I did that once. Fair warning 🙂

DIY Redecorated Clock

When you’re finished, You’ll have a brand new, fashionable clock for whatever room you want.

It’s quick and easy (assuming you paid attention to how your clock was constructed), and adds some flare to your rooms.

Let me know what you think!

DIY Mini Sketchbook

DIY mini sketchbook

I have an obsession with notebooks and sketchbooks.

Every time I go to a craft store and see a pretty sketchbook, I buy it. Do you know how often I’m in a craft store? I’m not even going to tell you… It’s better for both of us.

Needless to say, I have a lot of sketchbooks. I know I’ll use them, so I don’t mind my collection. But I will only carry them around if they’re small. So, once in a while I’ll make a mini version out of them so that I can keep them in my purse.

This works best if you have a spiral ring sketchbook. I prefer the Strathmore books, but you can use whatever you like. I like to wait until the pages are almost used up and tear out the last chunk to make a new, smaller version. The quality of the pages are great.

mini sketchbook materials

Mini sketchbook supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 

sketchbook preparation

sketchbook pages

Step 1: cut the paper to size

Cut your paper out of the larger sketchbook and size it appropriately for your mini version. Make it whatever size you want.

I usually just cut the edges off.

folding sketchbook pages

folded sketchbook pages

Step 2: section the pages and fold in half

Separate the pages into even sections and fold them in half like in the images above.

DIY sketchbook cover

Step 3: create the sketchbook cover

Measure the size of your soon-to-be-sketchbook and cut a piece of thick scrapbook paper to fit those measurements.

Fold it down the center and place one of your folded sketchbook paper sections inside of it.

sew pages

Step 4: Bound the sketchbook pages and cover

Using thread and a needle or a stapler, connect the cover to the pages.

I used thread and sewed the whole way up the spine of the book.

Tip: if you use large stitches, you can cover more ground faster.

DIY mini sketchbook

When you’re finished, you’ll have some cute mini sketchbooks to carry around with you for when ideas strike (or when you’re bored).

You can use the scrapbook paper cover or even use some cardboard from old cereal boxes and draw on them. Personalizing your sketchbook is always fun!

I’d love to get your thoughts. Leave them in the comments below!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one!! Happy crafting!