DIY Redecorated Clock

DIY Redecorated ClockI don’t have a clock in my bathroom, so I usually just look at my phone while I’m getting ready for work in the morning. Half the time I leave the phone on my nightstand though, so I don’t have a clock either way. I decided to pick one up today while I was out.

I was browsing through the clocks and decided that I didn’t like any of them. Of course, my first thought was I’ll just make one myself. I grabbed a cheap one along with some black and white designed scrapbook paper.

Materials needed for redecorated clock

Things You Will Need:
Scrapbook paper

Screws in clock

Clock pieces

Step 1
Take the clock apart.

Note: Pay attention to how your clock is constructed. It will be a lot easier to put it back together.

Clock background

Step 2
Trace the background of the clock on your scrapbook paper and cut it out.

Hole in clock background

Step 3
Poke a small hole in the background of the clock. It doesn’t have to be beautiful because no one is going to see it.

clock pieces put together

Step 4
Put the clock back together.

Test it to make sure it works. Otherwise, you’ll spend your time putting all of the pieces back together just to take it apart again. I did that once. Fair warning 🙂

DIY Redecorated Clock

When you’re finished, You’ll have a brand new, fashionable clock for whatever room you want.

It’s quick and easy (assuming you paid attention to how your clock was constructed), and adds some flare to your rooms.

Let me know what you think!

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